Why Encourage Your Podcast Listener Interaction?

05 May 2019 9:34 AM | Judith Cassis (Administrator)

Podcasting is a personal medium. You might have thousands of listeners (or more) but you’re interacting with them one at a time. You’re alone with them in the car, beside them in the kitchen or seated next to them in their office—wherever they are listening to your show.

You might even be under an umbrella together on the beach! Your podcast can go anywhere your listeners go.

How can you talk to one person at a time when so many others are listening? Well, you can’t, but listeners feel as though you are, and that’s why it’s important to acknowledge the value of your relationship.

They know you as a friend, which makes podcasting perfect for building those relationships and fostering engagement.

You can talk AT them if you want, or you can converse WITH them. Allow your listeners to ask questions by introducing a topic on social media or email, and then inviting our listeners to ask questions.

What if your show is not live?

That’s Okay! Ask for and then grab the questions from the comments on social media or email, and then read and answer the questions on your show. You can allow the names of listeners to be anonymous or mention a first name if that’s okay with the person asking the question.

You accomplish another important objective when you allow listeners (or readers) to ask questions. Their questions give YOU an inside view of what your audience is looking for from your show. What are they expecting from you?

What are their problems? Their concerns? And most importantly, what solutions do you have to offer them?

Can you see how this strategy can help deepen discussions? It will help build stronger alliances between you and your audience and also give your listeners a more personal connection with you. 

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