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A new benefit for Voting Members!

You may live anywhere that our streaming broadcast can reach and be a Voting Member of IBC.  Meetings are conducted by remote communication methods.

Why should you become a member of the Independent Broadcast Coalition (IBC) (a project of the Center of the World Festival, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit) and be a podcaster for KCPK-LP radio station?

You are an independent small podcast enterprise:  The size of your podcast enterprise should not determine the limits of your success.  And opportunity should not be a privilege of your economic status.  IBC is an alternative business-to-business alliance that is open to smaller podcasters with modest or little budgets.

You are isolated in your business:  IBC focuses upon partnerships, not profits.  Its membership dues are affordable, and invites your podcasting business into a sharing coalition community with possibility of growth associated with collective information, guidance, and training opportunities.

You want a future in the broadcasting world:  We all have dreams, but limited resources.  IBC helps to leverage the shared assets which come with coalition to help with your needs.  The whole idea of IBC is that we can do more together than on our own.  IBC is a “worker self-directed” membership nonprofit. 

We are an affiliate with Pacifica Network.  Your podcast could become syndicated nationwide through this radio network, which includes KPFT in Houston, KPFA in Berkeley, KPFK in Culver City/Los Angeles, WBAI in New York City, WPFW in Washington, D.C., and about 200 affiliates national and international (including KCPK-LP here in Pine Mountain Club, California) map:

If your show is syndicated by Pacifica, you will join these other broadcasters and your website will be linked here (click).

We strive for efficiency to unify podcasters, artists and entertainers, public relations professionals, event planners, and all individuals, companies, and organizations who are focused upon cultural awareness.

What is cultural awareness in podcasting?  This involves becoming aware of our cultural values, beliefs, and perceptions.  Cultural awareness is vital to positive interaction with people from other cultures.  Our podcasters illuminate the “why” of misunderstandings which arise from seeing, evaluating, and interpreting things in different ways.  And our producers help us fulfill our nonprofit mission:  to develop an interdependent, consensual, and ecologically sensitive community through the creation of an art-based civic dialogue in which all people are invited to participate in the creativity of the arts.

Requirements for Membership (**Documents Required for Submissions):

KCPK-LP Radio does not provide legal advice.  Please review sample contracts with your legal team.


Organizational Structure

Mission & Legal Documents

Section One (Underwriting):

Underwriting Training

NFCB Manual

**Underwriting Certification Exam

**Producer-Underwriter Agreement

**Underwriting Terms

Section Two (Copyrights):

Copyright Training

NFCB Manual

**Copyright Certification Exam

Graphic of Copyright "money flow"

Internet Copyright Laws

**Talent Release Agreement

**Work For Hire

**Creative Commons License

Creative Commons Guidelines

**Podcast Producer and Copyright License Holder

Sound Recordings Summary

Copyright Sound Records Laws

Section Three (FCC Requirements):

FCC Manual

FCC Rules

Radio Station Laws

Section Four (Podcast Producers):

PodCasting Legal Guide

**PodCast Producer Agreement

**Broadcast Release Agreement

PodCast Marketing Information

PodCasting Resources

PodCast Music Resources

NPR Podcast BluePrint

**Podcast Submission Questions

Podcast Training Guidance

Podcast Guide for Students

CheckList for 10-episode Podcast Submission

Template for Podcast Script

Section Five (Pacifica Affiliates):

Pacifica Network Affiliate Training

AudioPort Terms of Use

Syndication Terms

People Available for Podcast Interviews

Section Six (IBC Membership):

Summary of the IBC

**Volunteer Application

Volunteer Agreement

**CheckList for First Time Podcast Producer Submission

Annual Dues

Marketing Website

Section Seven (Live Broadcasting)

Broadcast Release Form

Risks of Live Streaming

Sample Location Release

Short and Brief summary for Underwriting and Copyright issues for podcasters from:

Ernesto Aguilar, Program Director, National Federation of Community Broadcasters

* Please avoid profanity and indecency [most podcasters trying to avoid an Explicit tag so they probably won’t need an explanation]
* Please avoid calls to action (to purchase frequent, et al., or not to)
* No lobbying (advocacy for/against legislation, candidates, etc.)
* Disclose possible conflicts of interest (mentions in which there is a private interest)
* You’ll have to log music to our playlist system if you do not report independently [for music podcasters, just to make sure you have their reporting straight]

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