How to apply and how it works

The procedure is the same for all volunteers:
First, read the complete Volunteer Information packet, including the Volunteer Agreement.  second, fill out and sign the Volunteer Application form. Third, either deliver your application to the Festival Volunteer who recruited you or, if self-recruited, mail your application to:

The Center of the World Festival, Inc.
P.O. Box 1929
Frazier Park, CA 93225-1929

You will then be contacted for an informal meeting.

Summary of Volunteering Opportunities

  1. Administrative Assistance
  2. Assistant Workshop Facilitators
  3. Festival Marketing Team
  4. Festival Publicity Team
  5. Festival Hospitality Team
  6. Theatrical Stage And Recording Team
  7. Merchandise Sales Team
  8. Drivers & Site Maintenance
  9. Ticket Takers & Ushers
  10. Festival After-Party
  11. Statistical Survey Team
For complete descriptions of volunteer openings, read the Volunteer Information packet.

Summary Of Volunteer Agreement Terms

  • Agree to attend training sessions.
  • No alcohol or drug use or possession while on volunteer duty.
  • No payment of your personal expenses incurred while on volunteer duty.
  • Festival is not responsible for your lost or stolen personal belongings.
  • Agree to protect and return all festival property in their care.
  • Agree to abide by all copyright laws and confidentiality requirements..
  • Holds Festival and sponsors harmless from any claims by volunteer.
  • Volunteer will be held personally responsible for any criminal actions done by
  • volunteer.
  • Agrees to be photographed or videotaped for promotional purposes.
  • Abides by Health and Safety Policy, the Child Protection Policy, and the Equal Opportunities Policy.
  • Keep hours assignments and Volunteer Log for "In-Kind Donation" reports.
  • Not an employee, not a paid contract, no financial relationship with Festival.
  • Agree to background reference check and, if required, legal/criminal background check.
  • No medical insurance provided.

For complete information, read the Volunteer Agreement.

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