How Does Your Podcast Offer Value to Listeners?

17 Sep 2019 10:21 AM | Judith Cassis (Administrator)

 With thousands of podcasts on the internet, and only 24 hours in a day, your podcast needs to rise above others in your genre or industry in order to grab listeners. 

How will your podcast fare among others who are competing for the same audience? Here are a few things to consider. 

Who is Your Ideal Listener? 

Your ideal listener fits a profile of someone who would enjoy or benefit from the information you share, or entertainment you provide. 

My ideal listeners are indie authors and writers looking for education,  information, or training. As indie authors, they're considering self-publishing as an option. Does that mean writers looking for traditional publishers won't get anything from listening? It does not. There's valuable information for all writers, however my focus is on supporting those who want to publish their own books. 

What about you? Do you know who these people are? If not, how can you identify them? 

What are Your Listener's Desires or Needs? 

What is your ideal listener looking for? Support? Entertainment? Solutions to problems? This information is critical for building an audience and subsequent engagement. 

As the host of your podcast knowing what your listeners are looking for will help you schedule programing and guests that will offer support and direction to solutions. 

If your podcast is pure entertainment, be sure the programing is tailored to the demographics of your listening base.  

How Can You Keep Listeners Engaged? 

Your programing must have value if listeners are going to spend precious time with you. Keep your content fresh, current and do your research before you share facts. Your credibility is the key to longevity. 

Judith Cassis is a NY Times/LA Times Bestselling ghostwriter and book coach. She is the founder of Writer to Writer, and offers support to indie authors and writers. 

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